Albany, Meadows and St. John’s

September 20th, 2017
Photo Cred: @yuliyapeshkova
Photo Cred: @yuliyapeshkova

It’s been a pretty busy week in Arkells camp. Tim returned from dad duty and we got right back to work.

As part of a soon-to-be released Canadian music project, we recorded a live cover of an Alessia Cara song with Allie X. If re-arranged versions of pop songs are your jam, keep your eyes open, we should be releasing it sometime soon.

Over the weekend we played a couple of shows in New York State. Saturday, we played in Albany, at Pearlpalooza – a really great local street festival that reminded us a lot of Supercrawl, our hometown music and arts festival. One of the (very few) problems with living in Canada is that there isn’t much in the way of Cajun food; despite Boston Pizza’s jambalaya offering. I try to take advantage and indulge anytime I can when we are traveling in the States. When we stop in Albany, I always try to eat at a wicked Cajun place called Parish – check it out if you happen to be in the NY state capital. We’re making plans to come back to Albany soon. But that’s because of the amazing crowd at the festival (see the photo above) and all of the support we’ve gotten from WEQX – one of the coolest independent radio stations in the US*, not the gumbo.

We also got the opportunity to play Meadows festival in New York City this weekend. Because we didn’t have a chance to get any New York pizza before we left town, we made plans to come back and play a headline show in November. The show is at the Bowery Ballroom and tickets are on sale now. We are on our way to St. John’s as we speak, where we will be playing at the Iceberg Alley Festival tomorrow night with our old friend’s the Darcy’s. We’re looking forward to seeing them play but not looking forward to being reminded just how uncool we look standing next to those hip s.o.b’s.

 *They literally broadcast from on top of a mountain.