Arizona Road Trippin’

October 4th, 2017
Photo Cred: @janinevphoto
Photo Cred: @nathannash_

Ahoy hoy, all. The band spent today traveling through the desert on en route to Phoenix, where we will be playing tomorrow night at Valley Bar.

One of the simplest pleasures that come with playing in a band are road trips like today. Admittedly, these trips can become grueling when they start to creep up over ten hours long or when your only option for roadside dining is the truck stop version of a charcuterie plate: a less-than-desirable pepperoni and cheese stick combination called a “Pep N’ Ched”. I’ve never heard of an American gas station that doesn’t sell them or a band that hasn’t gotten sick from eating them. Be forewarned.

Fortunately, today’s drive from LA to Phoenix was none of those things. Tim, the band’s resident In-N-Out lover, found one along the way and we traded gas station food for a (maybe?) healthier option. However you feel about the nutritional value of In-N-Out, my family is Italian so you’re probably* not convincing me lettuce burgers are healthier. Don’t @ me.

Being Canadian, getting the chance to drive through the desert was another treat. The sunny, red-rock desert landscape between California and Arizona is pretty novel to Canadians more used to seeing snow in October than 40 degree^ days. While the heat, sand, snakes and scorpions make desert feel almost completely unlivable to me, I have no doubt that an American from the southwest would say the exact same thing about Edmonton in the winter.

Given the unfortunate musical news of the day, we are going to spend tonight learning a little Tom Petty to  play in his honor over the next little while. Tomorrow we will be ready to get down to business (read: eat Mexican food) and play some shows. We’re doing our National League West tour (apologies to Colorado) this week and will be hitting Phoenix, San Diego LA and San Fran between now and Saturday. Hope to see you at a show!







*If the science is there, I won’t militantly deny it. But my Nonna will.

^Celsius. Join the club, America!