Big Feelings – It Sounds Like The Title

June 5th, 2024

After Laundry Pile, our quiet little introspective album, we all had a feeling the next thing would be the opposite. That’s how we tend to work. Big Feelings sounds like what the title suggests. It’s big. And it came together quickly. It started with a bold drum loop that Tim made, and was quickly arranged when the band assembled for a session in February. We didn’t go into the studio trying to finish a song, but when you have something with propulsion, you just hang on and try to steer it the right way. Immediately, we understood it would be unruly, and that the spirit of the song was more about the collective unvarnished expression than any conventional “songwriting rules.” The most satisfying songs are often the ones where we surprise ourselves. 

The final product is this big and glossy, spastic thing, but the nuts and bolts are the five of us simply going at once. We worked on the song with the five of us playing in the room together, and then added some sugar at the end. 

There’s no path until you make one. Once we had Big Feelings in our pocket, we had a name for the tour. We had a new song we can play at Budweiser Stage. Who knows what else? 

Get outside and play this one in motion.

Xo Arkells