Festival D’été Quebec City

July 12th, 2017
Cred: Renaud Philippe
Cred: Renaud Philippe

We’ve spent the last couple days playing and hanging out in hilly Quebec City, which means we will spend our first day back home buying new jeans – ones that fit our newly enlarged glutes and quads. I’m just kidding. We ate enough bad French food that it would be a wash at best. Given that the old/touristy part of Quebec City is swimming in ice cream shops, even a wash is wishful thinking.

Today, we spent the afternoon at Montmorency Falls before our Motown set at the Imperial Bell Theatre. Surprisingly enough to those not from Hamilton, our waterfall game is actually quite strong. Not as strong as our motorized scooter game, but close. Montmorency put our local waterfalls to shame, and just as importantly, they have a wifi and cell reception (a requirement to get Max anywhere close to something resembling nature). Add it to the list of scenic places in one of Canada’s most (sneakily) scenic cities.

We are in said scenic city because we’ve been playing at Festival d’été. For my money, the festival is one of the best in Canada. It runs every night for about ten days. Outdoor stages are set up throughout Old Quebec and a festival pass will get you into any of the shows (capacity permitting). Its a great way to see a bunch of different music and enjoy a beautiful city in the middle of the summer. Max got hyped up before our set by checking out Migos outside the gates of the old city. Mike listened to Phantogram. I was moved to tears watching the Backstreet Boys on the Plains of Abraham. Something for everyone.

If you’re in the New York City area, we play at the Blue Point Brewing Street Festival next week. Come say hello if you’re thirsty.