Flatten The Curve Music Class

March 24th, 2020

Hey gang, 
Hope everyone is hanging in there and being good to themselves.
Every day I’ve been trying my best to be mindful of the things that make me feel deeply good, and identify the stressors that are hard on my system. And then I do my best to find productive remedies.

One of the things that has kept my spirits up is our daily hang on Instagram Live, for Arkells’ Flatten The Curve Music Class. If you’ve yet to catch it, every day at 1 PM EST the @arkellmusic IG Live features a song lesson of the day, Q+A’s, interactive lessons, special guests and more. We encourage anyone tuning in to bring an instrument of any stripe and your best self to this online hang; while staying home and practicing social distance. Thanks for sharing your company, your stories, and the music. It’s all a gift. 

In this collective moment, there are two central questions I’ve been trying to focus on. #1  – How do we show love and support for all the people who need it most? Namely, the front line workers, and our neighbours who are in tough right now. And #2 – How do we upkeep our own sense of well being? What are the things during the day that offer some focus and sense of purpose?  If not only for ourselves, but to be sharp and purposeful to best help with item #1.

So here’s a nugget of an idea that can help both questions: We heard Food Banks Canada needs money right now. We saw that RBC has made a substantial donation to Food Banks Canada as part of their current commitment to COVID-19 community response efforts. We know that music has a healing power and brings people together. So let’s combines these ideas.

Let’s continue to stay home and meet online for our FTC Music Class each day. Arkells want to see your best song covers, originals, dance routines, blazing solos: it’s all on the board. Share them – let’s see what you got, and Arkells will re-share their favourite submissions. 

For every creative submission you share with the hashtag #FTCMusicClass, RBC will donate $100 to Food Banks Canada, up to $25,000. Arkells want to see your best song covers, originals, dance routines, blazing solos: it’s all on the board. Just tag us and throw up #FTCMusicClass so we can find it and check out what you got! Arkells will re-share their favourite submissions. Let’s raise $25,000 this week, for people that need it, while staying inside.

*WEEK 2 UPDATE* We’ve reached our goal and we’re going for $50,000 total for Food Banks Canada.

We make music together, and help flatten the curve by staying inside and being creative together. Thank you for your support of Food Banks Canada  an organization helping to provide for some of our neighbours who need it most.