GP Alberta

July 26th, 2017
Photo Cred: Jess Baumung
Photo Cred: Jess Baumung


In the fall of 2008, Matt Mays did us the honor of taking the band out on his Canadian tour. It was our first supporting the release of our record Jackson Square and Matt had agreed to let us open for him across the entire damn country. The tour was really special for a lot of reasons. We had long been fans of Matt Mays and El Torpedo; one of the first shows Mike, Max and I ever saw together was MM&ET at the Casbah in Hamilton a few years earlier. The tour was also our first opportunity to play in some of Canada’s most iconic venues – ones we had been fantasizing about playing in since the aforementioned show at the Casbah. Venues like the Commodore in Vancouver, The Marquee in Halifax, The Phoenix in Toronto and Barrymore’s (RIP) in Ottawa.

The tour also marked our first trip to several Canadian cities. Cities like Truro, Nova Scotia (because Matt is a good east coast boy) and Grand Prairie, Alberta. This past weekend we had the privilege of returning to Grand Prairie for the first time since our 2008 tour with Matt. It wasn’t cause we didn’t want to come back, it’s cause I’m deathly afraid of bears. Don’t you dare tell me my fears are unfounded. It’s a really special feeling to see so many friendly faces after not being able to play in town for so long, thanks to everyone who came out to party in GP. You’re way better at partying than us.

This weekend we’re heading to the States. Aside from sampling the ample selection of Snapple flavors not available in Canada, we will be playing at XPonential Fest in Philly and MoPop in Detroit. In addition to our festival set, we will be doing a late night Motown set in the birthplace of Motown. It’s at JP’s Lager House and costs $10 bucks to get in, $9 of which will go directly to Berry Gordy.


See ya there,