June 20th, 2017
Cred: Jess Baumung
Cred: Jess Baumung

Greetings from up in the air. I’m writing from the sky somewhere between Toronto and Nevada as we make our way to Las Vegas for the NHL Awards.

We’re pretty excited to be headed to Vegas, and not just for the buffets. The band was planning on attending the NHL Awards anyway – all five of us were left unprotected in the expansion draft and are hoping to get picked up by the Golden Knights on Wednesday afternoon. When we got the invitation to perform, we decided to put our playing careers on hold (yet again) and focus on making the show the best it could be, which means taking it easy on the buffets we mentioned above.

And speaking of shows, this past weekend we had the opportunity to play at the Much Music Video Awards. Getting to be part of such a longstanding institution in Canadian music was really special. We also got to observe just how much work and planning go into putting on a TV production of that magnitude – there is an entire crew of people that work for and with the production team to ensure our performance looked and sounded the way we envisioned it. Thank you for all of your hard work (and for helping us get Joe Jonas’ autograph).

If getting autographs from your favorite Jonas Brother wasn’t enough, we ended up taking home the an MMVA Fan Choice Award for Knocking at the Door. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for the band – we know it wasn’t our moms because bless their hearts, they still have trouble doing most things on the internet. It really is a special feeling that people take time out of their lives to nominate us for awards like this – especially given all the other fun things you can do with your time online.

It’s supposed to be 47 degrees Celsius when we land in Vegas so if you’re wondering what a rock band with sun burnt ears looks like, check our show in Toronto on Saturday at the Bud Stage.


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