New York

July 19th, 2017


We had quite the roadside adventure on our way to New York City this week. Somewhere around Syracuse, the band van blew a tire and we were momentarily stranded in central New York. In reality, it was actually a pretty normal experience – people get flat tires all the damn time. But as you probably could have guessed, the five of us aren’t exactly car guys. We were more interested in what kind of ice cream the service station was selling than how to fix the flat. To be fair to us, changing the tire on a band vehicle is pretty challenging given how big and heavy it is – and will continue to be… at least until Tim switches to electric drums.

All’s well that ends well. After a call to AAA and a trip to a New Jersey tire shop, we made it to New York City with four working tires. While the breakdown tested our patience, it was nothing compared to driving an oversized vehicle through New York City. With Anthony behind the wheel, there were more f-bombs dropped than in Scarface (extended director’s cut) but we made it to Paste’s NYC offices, in time to record a session you can check out here. As superfans of both St. Vincent and being super-obviously topical, we threw in a cover of her new track. New York isn’t New York without out traffic, too.

Aside from the Paste session and dumpling consumption, the reason for our trip to New York  is a show that we’re playing tomorrow on Long Island, at Blue Point Brewing’s Alive After Five Fest. If you’re in the area, come hang (and take a cab, cause it’s at a brewery). Ff not, hopefully we will see you in September at Meadows.


Drive safe,