Philly and Detroit

July 31st, 2017


What a time to be alive. Since I last posted, we’ve seen a White House Chief of Staff and Communications Director both hired and fired. And that’s more of a comment about the instability of the current American head of state than a lack of regular updates on my part. Luckily for me, Max is a far less volatile leader than the current United States’ Commander-in-Chief. My term as Arkells Communications Director* has outlasted that of both Mooch and Spicey.

And speaking of these United States of America, we just finished a weekend playing sets at XPoNtential and MoPop Festivals.

It was an honor to be a part of XPoNential Fest in Philly. WXPN has long been one of our favorite radio stations – and in my opinion, an example of how great radio stations can positively impact a community. WXPN has curated a station built on interesting, challenging (and often independent) music, both new and old, for music lovers in the Philadelphia area. Just as importantly, WXPN has done a wonderful job of creating a community for both musicians and music lovers. Through XPoNential Fest, World Café live, or the collection of other events that WXPN is involved with, the sense of community spirit is undeniable. It’s a privilege to spend time with and around so many people who are caring and passionate not only about music, but their community as a whole.

Not to be outdone, our Sunday was spent on the banks of the Detroit River playing the MoPop Festival. Detroit is a far more beautiful city than some realize. It was a treat to walk around downtown and spend time at the festival grounds, which are set up along the oddly picturesque riverfront – facing a really old, really cool US Postal Service building. Because backstage was literally set up right along the river, I took a Huck Finn style nap under a tree and woke up next to Vance Joy, who was reading beside me. In case you’re curious, it looked like he was reading Chicken Soup for the Australian Soul.^ All and all, a great weekend.

The live shows keep coming and this weekend we’re gonna be playing in three different parts of Canada. Thursday night, we’re playing a charity show at the Kee to Bala in Muskoka. Saturday, we’re in Montreal for Osheaga, and Sunday were in Manitoba for Rockin’ the Fields.



*To be fair, I haven’t accused anyone of excessive self-love, either.

^As far as I know, I’ve made up this book.