Victoria, BC

July 4th, 2017
Photo Cred: Lindsey Blane
Photo Cred: Lindsey Blane

This weekend we had the chance to play in Victoria as part of the Canada Day 150 festivities. As a band (and as people too, really) we don’t get to travel to Victoria as often as we would like.

We’ve only had to cancel two shows in the entire history of the band and a show at Sugar back in 2012 was one of them. The band was driving into Vancouver when bad weather hit the coast and ferries began to get shut down. Determined to cross onto the island, we drove from ferry terminal to ferry terminal – like a desperate dad trying to do all his shopping at 4pm on Christmas Eve before the mall closes. Unfortunately, no one would take us – not Horseshoe Bay, not Tsawwassen and not Richmond. They said crossing was a safety risk. We took matters into our own hands and tried to rent a paddleboat. We couldn’t find one big enough to hold all the drums. Dejectedly, we were forced to cancel the show and hole up at the Morrissey instead. Admittedly, there are worse problems to have. I am digressing.

Thankfully, we were able to make it across the Strait of Georgia (we took zero chances and flew this time) and were treated to a really inspiring Canada Day in BC’s capital city. The weather was perfect, the crowd was wonderful and it truly was a treat to see so many different people celebrating together in Victoria’s Inner Harbor. And the inner harbor really is beautiful – so much so that I would almost admit I would go hiking there, and I loathe hiking (wake up people! It’s just a glorified term for walking outside!?!). Canadian or not, everyone should check out Vancouver Island, it really is a gorgeous place.

Last weekend we headed west, and this weekend we head east – to Quebec City for Festival d’ete. See ya at Chez Ashton (don’t you judge me!)